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Service History

‘Full Genuine History’ means it has been serviced on time every time it was due, and only ever with the manufacturer’s dealership. ‘Full Non-Genuine History’ means it has been serviced on time, every time, but with independent mechanic shops rather than the dealership, or a mix of the two. ‘Partial History’ can be anything from missing a couple of services in the book to only having a couple of services recorded - It can be helpful to make a note in the description explaining what is meant here. 


This is very subjective and will change from person to person and car to car. Generally speaking, a 1-3 is very rough, possibly needing a full paint job, upholstery work, a lot of mechanical work etc. 4-6 is average condition, maybe needing a few panels painted, a seat reupholstered and a bit of mechanical work here and there. 7-8 is great condition with minimal work required. 9-10 is basically as-new condition with very minimal or no work required.


The more photos you can take, the better. Ideally, we want to see every side of the exterior, a few interior shots showing condition, the build/compliance plate, and then anything else you think is notable, i.e. paint or upholstery damage, tyre tread, oil leaks, surface rust underneath the vehicle, etc. 


Keep this brief but descriptive - Explain if there is any damage, a comment about service history, an overview of paintwork and upholstery condition, an overview about mechanical issues or concerns, any extras or accessories of note, etc.

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