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The NVP Story

NVP's philosophy is to build trust and empower the consumer by providing realistically priced, quality vehicles and giving honest advice. With this in mind we created our website to not only showcase our range of vehicles but also be informative and useful for all consumers within the motor industry. 

Whether you buy privately or from a dealer, our Buyers Hub contains an ever growing list of helpful content aimed at making your next purchase a successful one. Likewise, our Seller’s Hub will assist you to maximise the value of your current vehicle, no matter if you are trading in or selling it yourself.

So whatever your situation or budget we hope there is something of value for you at NVP and wish you the best on your way to buying or selling your next car! 


Casey Maloney 
(Owner / Director)

A North Queensland local, I am originally from Bowen and moved to Townsville in 2007. I began selling used vehicles for a local dealership and eventually ended up in a management position for a small independent dealership. This experience enabled me to start my own business and I now use what I have learnt to provide our region with quality used cars. My philosophy is to build trust and empower the consumer by giving honest advice and selling realistically priced vehicles.

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